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Have Happy Holidays in this Holly Lane Home Asking $10.995M

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10 Holly Lane, Water Mill
10 Holly Lane, Water Mill

This listing is a new gut renovation done of a 90s home—spare and elegant, possibly ranging into austere. The brokerbabble is pretty lavish, actually:

This is a one-of-a-kind custom home with awe-inspiring features that visitors will immediately and permanently embrace. Yes! Visitors will never leave!

Perfect scale and flow usher forth an experience that is pleasing to all of the senses. Taste? Are you supposed to lick the floors? Which are bleached white oak, by the way. Anyway, the house is 7109sf, with eight bedrooms and eight "majestic" baths and one half bath. There's one acre of land, with a pool but no tennis, although one might be squeezed in the back, we're not sure. Asking price of $10.995M seems a little high, but who knows, someone might bite because the house is turnkey.

· 10 Holly Lane [Elliman]