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Charming East Hampton Traditional Sells After $1M Chops

11 Davids Lane, East Hampton
11 Davids Lane, East Hampton

After this nice property hit the market back in September 2014, commenters had a field day with the original asking price of $7.5M. One commenter wrote, "It's one of my favorite streets. It looks a bit cluttered to me, that's a lot of furniture, but a nice house. Could use some tweaking (at some point that Carmela Soprano bathroom would have to go), but I think it will sell over 6.5. And I'm not a broker." "Way, way over priced. 5 tops." Then in April, after the price was cut $550K, comments included "Trades at $4.5," and "The church at the end of the street is lovely and so are the bells the first few times you hear them but after a while they begin to drive you crazy. Also, they play entire songs."

Well, the last asking price was $6.495M, so we doubt those dire predictions about the price came true. The good points of the property include its attractive south of the highway village location. The house is spacious at 4600sf but not enormous, with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. It offers vintage charm, but it's updated, renovated and stylish, and the grounds, which are 0.62 acre, feature mature gardens and trees. There's a 60' pool with pool house and a dining pergola covered in wisteria.

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