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Historic Meadow Lane House The Bouwerie Razed

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The Bouwerie, 1280 Meadow Lane Southampton
The Bouwerie, 1280 Meadow Lane Southampton

In 1930, ear, nose, and throat doctor Dr. Wesley Bowers commissioned New York architect Leroy P. Ward to design a summer house in the dunes of Meadow Lane. Mr. Ward, best known today for designing the main building of Kings County Hospital, came up with a French design for the house, known as the Bouwerie, with beams and wrought iron featuring in the interiors. (You can see more of the house in the book Houses of the Hamptons by Gary Lawrance and Anne Surchin.) The house, which includes six acres of oceanfront land, came up for sale for the first time in fifty years in 2010, finally selling for $25M in 2011.

And now it's gone. It's been demolished in the past couple of weeks, to be replaced by a modern glass house in the shape of an X. Fumed Tom Edmonds, director of the Southampton Historical Museum, as quoted in the Southampton Press. "My God, what an interior, it was unlike any other house in Southampton. What a terrible loss. Every loss of an historic building in Southampton destroys the reason people come out here."

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