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Will Anyone Pay $55M $39M for this 'Unprecedented East Hampton Compound'?

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Back in June, we wondered if there would be any takers at the $55M asking price for this large compound in East Hampton, which comprises 11 parcels totaling 23 acres; with an 18,000sf, 12 bedrooms, 12 full and 4 partial baths English-style main house; 6 bedroom former carriage house; stables with paddocks; and two more guest cottages. And the answer is no. In fact, this property is clearly going to be in a future Curbed Awards post about the year's biggest discounts. A staggering $16M has been chopped off the price; we'll keep an eye on this one.

Another recent pricechop occurred on Gin Lane. The ask of sweet Sunnymede, an historic mansion by Robert H. Robertson, was cut by more than a million. In September, the asking price was $10.75M; now it's $9.6M. Considering the property includes an acre of land, we have to wonder how bad a shape the house is in; or maybe it's just that what everyone says is true: no one wants to renovate a lovely old place, and buyers only want new.

Finally, this gigantic (12,000sf), weird (with its own 65-seat synagogue) bayfront property in Westhampton Beach has also had its price cut. Back in summer 2013, the ask was $17.5M; now it's $11.9M. Can't be an easy sell even with 4.7 acres of land.
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