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Sag Harbor Village Drafts New Zoning Code Regulations

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Ahead of the expiration next month of Sag Harbor's controversial moratorium on major building work, the village has drafted four proposed new laws. These regulations would limit house size, further restrict demolition in the historic district, impose time limits on the Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review, and levy a fee on building permits for houses larger than 2500sf. The fee would be used to fund affordable housing.

House size limits are similar to what has been imposed in neighboring villages such as East Hampton. However, those villages tend to have much larger sized properties. With lots smaller than 5000sf (or about one-tenth of an acre), the house cannot exceed 2000sf. Each additional 5000sf in lot size would increase the maximum gross floor area by 400sf, topping out at 4000sf for a 30,000sf lot (which is 0.68 of an acre). Want a larger house? You'll need a big lot and a special permit.

Another new rule would impose timeframes on the Board of Historical Preservation and Architectural Review. After an application is submitted, the ARB must schedule a public hearing within 60 days. Then the board must make a decision within 60 days.

Demolitions in the historic district will be scrutinized more closely in future, and a public hearing as well as a five-member board decision will be required for each application.

Finally, there will be a $15/sf surcharge on building permits over 2500sf. Want to build a 4000sf house? That will cost you $22,500 extra, which will go to the Sag Harbor Village Community Housing Opportunity Fund.
· Sag Harbor Village Releases Drafts to Major Zoning Code Changes [SHO]