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Meet a Victorian Farmhouse in Water Mill Asking $3.5M

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231 Deerfield Road, Water Mill
231 Deerfield Road, Water Mill

We think we like this gracious old farmhouse very much, but it's hard to tell with the truly awful listing photos. It starts out well with exterior shots, then we get to the foyer with….a large tiger figurine over a dishwasher? So confused. Next picture is the keeping room, as in "keep your shoes out of the photo"? The dining room all set for Christmas dinner…a nice looking kitchen…the "card room"….the front parlor. The "guest lav"—and then on to the guest cottage? No pictures of the four bedrooms or three baths in the main house? Whatever. The house is 4000sf and the plot size, which includes the guest house, pool, pergola and garage/barn, is one acre, which overlooks farm fields. We suppose the asking price is fair if the house is in overall good condition.

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