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Two Years Later, Normandy House is Back on the Market

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408 First Neck Lane, Southampton
408 First Neck Lane, Southampton

Normandy House is a grand old Southampton mansion by Polhemus & Coffin, who designed many French-style houses on Long Island, in Newport, and in New York in the 1920s. It hit the market almost five years ago asking $39M; it finally sold in September 2013 for $28M. We're sure the fusty old-fashioned French interiors, which couldn't be more out of style, held it back. Now, after extensive renovations and redecoration, the property is back on the market for a mere $48M, a nice round $20M more than it last sold for. We note, too, that the property now comprises 5.57 acres; two years ago it was 8.4 acres. We're not sure from where the almost-three acres was subdivided, but it's probably near the road (maybe the former guest house?). The interiors are much plainer now and more contemporary; the boiserie in the library has been retained and stained dark. There are new bathrooms, as in the master bath that's pictured, but we don't know if the kitchen has been touched. $48M strikes us as ambitious for the property, although it's a lovely old place, nicely updated, and right on Lake Agawam. Guess we'll see what happens.

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