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Modern Oceanfront in Sagaponack by Bates Masi for $54M

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The listing for this property begins "By far the very best oceanfront estate on the market!" Well, that's good because it's also the priciest oceanfront estate on the market. There's three acres of land and 300 feet of ocean frontage, which includes an oceanside pool and poolhouse and tennis/sport court. There's even a rooftop deck with Jacuzzi, kitchen and fireplace.

The house itself is a design by Bates Masi, including all their signature touches, including long rectangular forms, horizontal slats, simple clean lines, walls of glass, and natural textures. It's large for a house by these architects at 10,000sf, with nine bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms. Particularly nice, and something Bates Masi is known for, is the way the structure frames vistas of water and sky. (We also like the way the horizontal slats are used as wine storage in the dining room. Mental note: make next wall treatment all wine bottles.)

Now to the $54M question. Who knows? We have a feeling that it's an ambitious price, but location is great, architectural pedigree impeccable, and so on. The closest comp is 39 Fairfield Pond Lane, which sold for $24M in April 2013. That included an extra half-acre of land and the Philip Johnson Farney House, which has been demolished in favor of a new house to be designed by Robert AM Stern. Guess we'll see what happens.

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