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$2.5M for a Hamptons Summer Rental? Hey, Why the Hell Not?

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700 Meadow Lane Southampton
700 Meadow Lane Southampton

Good news, rich folks! You can finally blow $2.5M on a summer rental in the Hamptons! According to the WSJ, owner Marcia Riklis (we remember her father Meshulam Riklis for being the one-time husband of Pia Zadora) won't be using her Meadow Lane estate next summer, so people to whom money means nothing can rent her place instead.

We count ourselves among that group, of course, but we think for that price it should come with its own Idris Elba-lookalike toyboy for the summer. Or hell, why not Idris Elba himself? Idris, you busy next summer?

The house is 18,000sf, and the décor is OK, nothing exciting. The property itself is eight acres, stretching from the ocean to the bay. Your staff will be glad to know the servants' wing has been recently renovated. There's also a gym, though of course we're not going to use it. We're going to lie on a chaise longue Jabba-the-Hutt style while Idris Elba-or-his-lookalike shoves bonbons into our gaping maw.

Another feature: "the access to the ocean is direct and private." Excellent! We don't want any of the Poors messing up our oceanview. Hey, Idris, chop chop with those bonbons!

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