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Another Offshore Wind Farm Proposed 30 Miles from Montauk

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Earlier this year, a proposal by Deepwater Wind for an offshore wind farm was scuttled by LIPA in favor of solar arrays, due to cost. In response to a new LIPA/PSEG request, the company is now proposing another facility, a 15-turbine 90-megawatt array about 30 miles off the coast of Montauk and 20 miles off Rhode Island. This area is touted by the company as the best site for wind energy in the eastern United States.

LIPA/PSEG's request is for proposals to produce about 169 megawatts of power. (A megawatt powers around 800 homes.) There's a growing need for power on the South Fork. The Deepwater proposal would include two large batteries to store power when it's not needed by the grid. Quoted in Newsday, Jeff Grybowski, the chief executive of Deepwater, said, "We think that stacked up against the alternatives, including solar and peaking power plants, that offshore wind is by far the most economic choice."
· Deepwater Wind proposes new offshore wind farm 30 miles from Montauk [Newsday]