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Enormous House for an Enormous Price in Water Mill

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 52 Luther Drive, Water Mill
52 Luther Drive, Water Mill

Actually, the asking price ($13.9M) is fair when you consider that slightly smaller lots closer to the ocean are asking $13M—and of course that's without the 10,000sf house, pool, and tennis court. This property is a decent sized 1.8 acres. The shingled house, with ten bedrooms and 11.5 baths, is slightly dull as is, but inoffensive, and offers some nice features like a home theater, wine cellar, sauna and outdoor TV and fireplace. The first thing we'd do is change the floors. All white interiors including white floors makes it look as though you're floating or like you live in a cleanroom or something. So with just a spot of redecorating (and nearly 14 large) you have a pretty damn nice place south of the highway and close to the ocean.

· 52 Luther Drive South [Elliman]