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Charming Springs Barn Home with Weird-Ass Interior Style

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958 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton
958 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton

Some listings would be better off pictured unfurnished, like this one. The house itself is charming, albeit small: a 1500sf barn style home set on 1.4 acres with views of Accabonac Harbor and situated next to reserve. Of course there's plenty of room to expand and put in a pool. The interiors, though, are not so nice. The pictures start off pleasant enough, with a fireplace and a sunny eating area, and then we see the rest of the room. Tiny Parsons tables scattered everywhere, including sagging under a large CRT TV in the middle of the floor and over a too small rug next to a sofa. Slenderman is peering over the sofa, and what's the table? sink? against the wall? Is the bathroom upstairs? Apparently there's "private sleeping quarters" in the loft but it's not pictured. Ugh. Asking price for all this is $2.395M, which is too high, we think.

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