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Old Farmhouse at Two Trees, Bridgehampton, for $4.5M

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849 Hayground Road Bridgehampton
849 Hayground Road Bridgehampton

When the listing says this nineteenth century farmhouse is "in the heart of Bridgehampton horse country," it's not kidding, as the property is surrounded by the Two Trees equestrian facility. (It is or has been a part of the farm but is being offered separately, with 2.5 acres of land.) The house itself contains elements of a seventeenth century home, which was rebuilt two hundred years later. So you get the charm of a rambling 3800sf old house, ancient beams, four fireplaces, with more up to date features. In all, there are five bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Outside, of course there's mature landscaping, clipped hedges, and old trees, along with a pool and all-weather tennis court. Value of living out your childhood pony farm dreams? Priceless.

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