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In Montauk, Can You Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear?

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It's baaaaaa-aa-aack. The house that stunned an incredulous Curbed community way back in the innocent summer of 2013, the Montauk Pleasure-Dome House, as we dubbed it, actually sold pretty quickly. One of the house's drawbacks, besides being an utter monstrosity, was its lack of a pool. Now, two years later, the property sports a rather nice pool and poolhouse, whose modern style complements the inexplicable style of the main house not at all. And a decorator has done his or her best on the interiors. Oh, and yes, the asking price is now $5.95M, a hefty $2.325M above the sales price of $3.625M in October 2013. For that, you get the 5800sf house, with six bedrooms and 7.5 baths, and 1.33 acres of land.

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