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Francis Fleetwood's Amagansett Estate with 33 Acres for $19.85M

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85 Ocean View Lane, Amagansett
85 Ocean View Lane, Amagansett

Francis Fleetwood, one of the most popular architects in the Hamptons, died earlier this year. He designed more than 200 Shingle Style houses in the East End; this is his own home. It's always interesting to see the house an architect designs for him- or herself, and this place contains all of Fleetwood's signature touches, like long swooping gables, colonnades, and verandas. Inside is all white and dark wood with some Arts and Crafts elements. The house isn't huge by Hamptons standards at 3600sf, with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths, and oddly, there's no pool, although of course with 33.67 acres of land, there's plenty of room for one as well as a tennis court. (It looks like there's a putting green from the aerial listing photos, although it's not mentioned.) There's also a manmade pond. The property is part of the original Devon Colony and includes the original gateposts. As for the $20M price, who knows? One of the original Devon Colony homes has been on the market for a year now with no takers; the property includes 5 acres and the current ask is $11.5M.

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