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Meadow Lane Oceanfront Norman Jaffe Renovated But Still Dire

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2170 Meadow Lane, Southampton
2170 Meadow Lane, Southampton

Well, look who's back. About a year ago, this five-acre oceanfront property debuted on the market; we called it a "Meadow Lane Oceanfront Norman Jaffe Designed on an Off Day." Everything about the place underwhelmed us, including the house itself, the location (right next to Shinnecock East County Park), the interior décor, the listing photos, you name it. Now the house has been renovated, with a new kitchen and bathroom, new decking around the pool, and new, slightly-less-ugly-but-still-no-prize furniture. And they mounted the TV above the fireplace instead of sticking it right in front. Also new is the price, which is now $5M higher than last year at $24.9M. Good luck with that—dropping the price would have been a better idea, not that anyone asked us. We think this is a future teardown. Sorry, Mr. Jaffe.

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