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East Deck Property Possibly Turned into Private Homes

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40 Deforest Road, Montauk
40 Deforest Road, Montauk

ED40, the current owners of the East Deck Motel, have applied to East Hampton for a zoning change. Currently the property is zoned resort; the owners would like change it to residential and subdivide the 4.2 acre property into four lots. (The application was made in the name of Montauk Colony LLC, about which we have no information.)

To recap: the East Deck was sold two years ago for $15M to a group of people who planned to open a private surf club. This caused a kerfuffle in the community. East Hampton made an offer for the property using CPF funds, which was too low. The East Deck was then put back on the market about nine months ago, asking $25M. Given that one-acre oceanfront lots in Montauk (with houses already on them) run $7-8M, a four-lot subdivision may satisfy most parties involved, including the owners, the outraged locals, and environmentalists, as four houses would have much less of an impact on the environment than a motel. Ditch Plains Association and Surfrider "CONDITIONALLY support a low density residential rezoning of this property." DPA would also like to ensure each house is limited "to approximately 4000 square feet [..] in keeping with the 'character of the community' and protecting the scenic vistas from this important public beach."

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