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Big Reveal: How Much for a New Build on the Village Fringe?

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16 Fieldview Lane, East Hampton
16 Fieldview Lane, East Hampton

Address: 16 Fieldview Lane, East Hampton
Price: $5,695,000
Winners again this week! The number one answer was correct. Many commenters seemed underwhelmed by the house, though, or at least its claimed Palladian style. "Palladio often forced his clients to walk through the entry hall to go from the master bedroom to the rest of the house. He also turned the siding on the garage doors through 90 degrees to the... wait, I think that was someone else." "The sellers better unload this quickly, the minimal faux-barn look is already over, very Summer 2015." "FWIW, I think the modern barn style (style that is, not every indivdual example of that style) will age well. This one is quite stark but it's a spec so the landscaping done is just enought to get it sold. 100K on landscaping would do wonders for this place..." It looks very poorly done in person; low cost builder spec material choices. Design equals flat, boring, uninspired." "These new spec houses on Fieldview Lane in East Hampton back up against Buckley's Wholesale Nursery. Super busy nursery with commercial traffic in/out constantly, 6 days a week. Spring/summer: the noise in backyard and dust from active nursery fields will be intense."

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