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Always Wanted to Live in a Treehouse? Now's Your Chance

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7 Remsen Lane Remsenburg
7 Remsen Lane Remsenburg

This listing includes two separate parcels being sold together. One is a 1.95-acre plot with a two-bedroom habitable treehouse on it and the other is a 1.24 acre property with a 3000sf, five bedroom house on it. The house is a bit underwhelming in the curb appeal and interior decoration departments, but a little imagination and renovation dollars could make it very nice. That's great for the rest of you. We personally will be living in the treehouse, which sports two bedrooms, a living room with stove, and a completely adorable vintage kitchen. Just as a warning, if anyone ruins that scalloped kitchen we're going to hunt you down and punish you.

The treehouse was designed by a local builder called Paul Podlas. Over the years, he curated the grove of trees, removing many so that the rest could thrive. The remaining trees are numbered, with little metal tags, and carefully catalogued.

Asking price for all this is $2.199M, which is not bad. The property is in Remsenburg (cue commenters squawking "Where's that??"). It's south of the highway and not too far from the water.

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