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Pre-Holiday Detox and Cleanse; New Marshall's; New Barber

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Let's check in with the world of fitness and retail in the Hamptons. First up, Elements Fitness Studio is hosting a pre-holiday detox and cleanse workshop on Saturday, November 14, at 10:45AM. The workshop will include an Elements Fitness signature workout; talks about how to keep your body clean through the holiday season, and how to navigate the holiday party scene with smart cocktail selections, dinner party tricks and hors d'oeuvres hints.Pick up a free Sweaty Betty goody bag and enjoy post workout recovery snacks and LuliTonix blends.

TJ Maxx is looking to expand in Bridgehampton Commons to add a Marshall's. Plans submitted to Southampton Town would expand the store by 17,000sf; then the space would be reconfigured to a 23,000sf TJ Maxx and a 22,000sf Marshall's. Both retail chains are owned by the same parent company.

Finally, a new haircutting place is opening in East Hampton on the corner of Oakview and North Main. Is this the same people who used to be just north of Nick & Toni's, does anyone know?
· TJ Maxx Store Looking To Expand In Bridgehampton Commons [27E]