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Ruth Wilson Dishes on The Affair and Loving Montauk

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Isn't everyone glued to their TV when The Affair is on? Star Ruth Wilson has strong opinions about her role as Alison and says Montauk is her favorite place to film. "We certainly love it here [in Montauk]; it's where the crew feels the most relaxed and where we feel like we belong. We all call it our home when we return to film here.

"We always stay at the Sea Crest Resort and eat at so many restaurants in town. A couple of the actors hosted a party at the Clam Bar at Napeague, then we all went across the beach to set up a bonfire. Last night I was actually at Dave's Grill, where I go quite often. We spent time with the fisherman [John Aldridge] who went overboard [two years ago while lobster fishing in the Atlantic]; he's an amazing character. We had dinner with him for two hours while he told us the whole story. It was amazing."

What does Ruth think about playing the same scenes twice on the show? "It was one of the main interests of the show to me—the fact that you get to play different versions of your character. As an actor, you're always doing that, I think. One thing that we were trained to do at drama school was to look at the characters in the way that they would be viewed from the outside, and the way that they would view themselves. For me, that was really fascinating; it was the process that I would normally do anyway, but even more exaggerated, and I found that was quite a fun challenge."

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