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Feelings Run High Regarding Montauk Beach Work at Town Board Meeting

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Several hundred people packed the Montauk Playhouse yesterday morning to discuss the Army Corps of Engineers Montauk beach project with the East Hampton Town Board. Of the 38 speakers, the vast majority were against the project and asked that the work be stopped and the project canceled. Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell said he had made calls to the Army Corps and lawyers asking about the consequences if the work were paused or canceled but had no answers yet. Quoted in the East Hampton Press, Defend H2O founder Kevin McAllister asked the board to reverse its approval of the project. "This town, for as long as I can remember, has been at the forefront of aggressive environmental conservation—you set the example for other towns. Relative to your history, this is a golden opportunity. You will be lauded and honored for your courageous decision." Speaking in favor of the project, Montauk real estate agent John Keeshan said, ""If Sandy had been 90 miles east, we wouldn't be here today having a conversation about reinforcing our beach, we'd be talking about rebuilding our community. I wish there were a better way. I wish there were a silver bullet, because we all care about the future of our town."
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