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Here's What's Proposed for East Hampton's Rental Registry

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This week, the East Hampton Town Board discussed a draft of a proposed rental registry law. This new proposal doesn't require property inspections and doesn't require new certificates of occupancy. A resident wishing to rent their property must first fill out a form and return it to the town, certifying that their property includes certain safety features such as smoke detectors and alarms on doors leading to pools. Thereafter, whenever a property is rented, a two-page form must be completed and returned.

Fees would be $250 for two years of property registration, with $25 for each time the property is rented. Further, any property advertised for rent in East Hampton Town must display a rental registration number. These rules would not apply to owner-occupied dwellings.

There's expected to be a public hearing on the matter in November. What do you think? We wonder if the owner-occupier loophole is going to be exploited.
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