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Sweet Vintage Farmhouse in Southampton is Yours for $1.25M

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146 North Sea Road, Southampton
146 North Sea Road, Southampton

"Walk to Everything" says the brokerbabble for this listing, and we know what that means: it's right on North Sea Road. On the other hand, it is nice to be able to walk to everything. And of course the house isn't large at 1400sf, with three bedrooms. There's 1.5 baths and they both need updating, and there's a small but manageable yard at 0.35 acre. All the bad stuff out of the way, this is a very lovable house. There's a porch and windowboxes; fireplace and an old-fashioned pantry off the kitchen. And the owner has done a good job decorating to preserve the vintage charm, although we have to wonder just how many old trunks s/he owns. The asking price is an unknown; with an old house such as this we don't know what kind of work it might require. What do you think?

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