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An Historic Springs Barn on 3.7 Acres for $2.25M

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21 Argyle Lane East Hampton
21 Argyle Lane East Hampton

This is a 200-year-old barn which was converted to a residence in the 1930s, a few years after the farmhouse it belonged to burned down. It was the home of a member of the Parsons family for many years, who were caretakers to the Gardiners. (If you click this link, you can see all kinds of interesting historic documents related to the Parsons family, along with fun names you never see any more—Recompence Sherrill! Ichabod Leek!) There are two separate lots to the property: one is 2.5 acres, with the barn, and another is 1.2 acres, which could be subdivided into two properties with houses built on them. The barn is about 2500sf, with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. There's a pretty pool with an outbuilding that serves as a pool house. As for the price, your guess is as good as ours. It's a unique property. Small houses on half-acre or less lots in the area run a little over $500K, so it's probably reasonable.

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