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A Beautifully Decorated North Haven House with Weird Facade

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280 Ferry Rd, North Haven
280 Ferry Rd, North Haven

If you've ever dreamed of living in a home that looks like a bunch of other houses squished together—and who hasn't?—you're in luck! The good parts first: this is a spacious house, 6111sf (oddly specific), with six bedrooms, four full baths and three half baths. Everything inside and out is beautifully done in the best possible taste. There are 2.7 acres of land with a pretty pool and spa. The bad parts include the inexplicable roofline, the flow (there seem to be sitting and dining rooms randomly distributed throughout the place), and the asking price of $5.995M. Given that the property sold for $3.25M a year ago, that ask is aspirational at best, although it looks like considerable work has been done since then. If the price comes down, we think a buyer will be able to overlook the oddness of the front elevation. What do you think?

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