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Sold: $24.9M Bought Five Acres and a Beautiful East Hampton House

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23 Hedges Lane East Hampton
23 Hedges Lane East Hampton

Back in May, we asked the rich folks of America why none of them had snapped up this beauty yet. It's everything a summer house should be (except, maybe, oceanfront). The property first hit the market about a year ago asking $27.5M; everyone swooned over it, when we weren't tsking about the crappy original listing photos. "It's a gorgeous old Hamptons property. I'd take this any day over the new 'cookie cutter' mansions." Then the price was cut $2.5M, down to $24.9M, which did the trick. Commenters loved it: "This place is effing wow. It doesn't scream beach but it definitely screams old Hamptons money. Love the exterior and always have. The marble on the ceiling in the bathroom makes me cray cray but I'd take this place in a heartbeat."

Count us in on that! We think it's eminently worth $20M+ of anyone's money. There's a gracious old (1929) 6000sf Tudor style house with eight bedrooms and 7.5 baths, including staff quarters. Outside, there's a generous 5.17 acres of land, with rolling greenswards, a natural pond, pool, tennis, and old-growth trees. There's also a guest cottage. Congrats, new owners!

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