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Is This the Cutest Montauk Beach Cottage Ever?

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65 Navy Road Montauk
65 Navy Road Montauk

Answer: yes! It's so sweet and cozy, anyone would want to move right in. It looks out right onto the peaceful waters of Fort Pond Bay. Of course the cottage is small at 1000sf, but there are two bedrooms and a loft area up top. Every inch of living space is thoughtfully used, from the renovated kitchen to the sitting area with brick fireplace. Outside, there's plenty of private decking on the 0.20 acre plot, including a minute cottage out back and an outdoor shower. Yes, yes, the train tracks run along the back of the property, but the trains don't run that often, so it's not a big deal, we don't think. Asking price for all this is $985K. Comps are difficult to come by, but we think it's about right.

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