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Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects Wins AIA Award for Amagansett House

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At the recent award ceremony for the AIA, Long Island chapter, Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects won an Excellence in Architecture award for House in the Dunes, Amagansett. Sited in an environmentally sensitive dunescape, the house is exposed to harsh salt air. On the street side, the house is covered with weather resistant cement board panels, which will withstand salt and sand easily without weathering. The rear of the house hugs the dune with walls of glass to blur the line between indoor and outdoor space. The green roof includes a deck for viewing of the ocean as well as solar panels that power the home. Vertical and horizontal solar screens minimize energy consumption.

Stelle Lomont Rouhani also won commendations for the interiors of a Mecox Bay house in Water Mill, above, and Orchard House, below, in Sagaponack. Congratulations!

· Stelle Lomont Rouhani [Official]