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An Unusual Shingled House in Bridgehampton for $8.4M

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We can't decide if we like this place or not—it's definitely not run of the mill. Parts of it are great—the way the open living spaces are nicely delineated with the swooping ceiling lines, and we love the black-framed windows, the bathrooms, and the two-story pool house. We don't like how the windows appear to be set too close to the roofline and what seems like small bedrooms. In all, there are six bedrooms and 7.5 baths in 5500sf, which includes a lower level media room with an 80" television with Dolby Surround Sound (not pictured). The lap pool is 60' long and safety fenced, and there's a nice rolling green lawn on the 1.3 acres of land. Price seems ambitious for what we think won't be an easy sale.

· Modern Chic Personified [Sotheby's]