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Big Reveal: How Much for An Amagansett Oceanview Contemporary?

59 Gilberts Path Amagansett
59 Gilberts Path Amagansett

Address: 59 Gilberts Path Amagansett
Price: $5,395,000
Close one this week, which isn't surprising since Amagansett prices seem to be rising rapidly. Most people liked this place, although not so much the decoration. "The furniture is hilarious." "I could live with that kitchen and bath for a year while I figured out what to do. That dropped ceiling is the worst feature, IMO. But this could be a very good house with some work." "Put $250k in this house in this location, HUGE winner." "Love these 80s contemporaries, so much potential!" (We actually think this place is from the 60s.) Anyway, whoever buys this place will be lucky.

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