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Hey, Maybe Rising Sea Levels Will Make Your Property Oceanfront

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A new interactive map by Climate Central, an organization of "leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the American public," has a bit of doom and gloom news. According to them, if pollution continues as it is now, rising sea levels from melting polar ice will mean that lots of the shoreline in the Hamptons will be lost. Wave goodbye to much of the land below 27 and most of North Haven and Springs; North Sea can change its to name to just "Sea;" and Montauk will be a set of three islands.

Keep in mind these are scientific projections of what could happen in the future, and no one knows when it will happen, if it does. Could be 200 years from now, could be 2,000.

And there's always a silver lining with any bad news, right? It's possible that in just a couple hundred years or so, your re-animated cryogenically frozen head will be laughing last about your decision to buy north of the highway.

· Climate Central maps [Official]