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East Hampton's Arc House is Finally in Contract

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50 Green Hollow Rd, East Hampton
50 Green Hollow Rd, East Hampton

The Arc House is a very interesting building by architect Maziar Behrooz. Built in 2010, the house was put on the market in 2013, asking $5M. It suffered numerous pricechops along the way, but is now in contract at $3M.

The main living space is huge—30 by 60 feet with 16' ceilings at the apex. (The space totals more than 6000 square feet.) The finishes—applewood, limestone, black walnut, sycamore—are all first rate. There's an art gallery space with a custom hanging system; flexible rooms that could be used as bedrooms, a screening room, or an office; and a sunken courtyard.

So if the property is so nice, why did it take so long to sell? We asked James Casale of Bespoke Real Estate, who represented the buyers in the deal, to give us the details.

Who was the buyer?
The wife of a successful NYC entrepreneur.

What did they particularly like about the property?
It's a one of a kind modern structure and the brain child of famous architect Maziar Behrooz.

Are they concerned about airport noise?

Do they/you think they got a good deal?
Yes, a very good deal. Maziar said today, if you were to rebuild the same 6,400sf structure it would cost at least $500 per square foot.

Why did you steer them to the Arc House?
I have a knack for sniffing out good deals for buyers. The buyer also had a natural attraction to the style of the structure.

Why do you think the Arc House took so long to sell?
The sellers did not keep the property in good condition. It took a buyer with a vision to realize the true potential of the Arc House.
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