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An Arts and Crafts Style Former Boathouse in Noyack

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10 Sims Ave Sag Harbor
10 Sims Ave Sag Harbor

This house is an interesting and unusual choice: it's an Arts and Crafts style former boathouse set on 1.3 acres with views of Sag Harbor Cove. You can tell an interior designer lives and works here, even if the turreted office room with samples didn't give it away. We like the unusual decorating choices, except for the mustache effect wall in the media room. Not so much there. The house isn't huge at 2500sf, with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths, but would be fine for a small family or couple. The wooded plot has plenty of room for a pool, although we sadly doubt the vintage Airstream is included. Price has been all over the place: initially at $1.895M in April and now down to $1.595M, which seems about right.

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