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A Quirky Antique Barn in Sagaponack Plus 3.4 Acres for $6.5M

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53 Sagg Main, Sagaponack
53 Sagg Main, Sagaponack

This is an interesting listing: an 1840s barn, south of the highway, which was lived in and used as a studio by artist Sydney Butchkes. Born in 1920, Mr. Butchkes came to Sagaponack in the early 60s and made the barn into his home. After a successful career, he died recently at the age of 94. The barn is 5000sf with extra sheds and outbuildings and retains a lot of original features. The 3.4 acres includes a tennis court but no pool and overlooks farm fields. We tend to think $6.5M is a very reasonable price for the place. We'd hope a new owner would keep the barn as a home, but it's fairly obvious that the barn would require some work; there are only two bedrooms and two baths, and it looks like some reconfiguring is in order. What do you think of the place?

· 53 SAGG MAIN [Elliman]