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High-end Hotel Rooms Proposed for Hill Street

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The owner of the Southampton Inn is proposing to turn an adjacent building she owns into upscale, boutique-style hotel rooms. Dede Gotthelf, owner of 71 Hill Street, wants to transform one of the buildings in the complex to contain up to 18 luxurious hotel suites. She would also like to transform some of Vahradian Way (the dead end street between the Southampton Inn and the 71 Hill Street Complex) into green, landscaped space. Our take? This proposal makes a lot of sense. It's often complained that Southampton lacks really high-end hotel rooms on the level of Topping Rose House. And with the Village Latch (adjacent to the Southampton Inn) being turned into condos, there's even more of a need for additional hotel rooms.
· Southampton Inn Owner Proposes High-End Hotel Suites In Hill Street Complex [27E]