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Southampton's Bishops Pond Development is Expanding

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Bishops Pond, the new high-end condo development in Southampton Village, is expanding, with ten new townhouses under construction. (67 of the original 69 units are sold already.) Prices for the new units, which total about 4800sf each, with three to four bedrooms, are expected to range from $1.5M to over $2M. Steven Dubb, developer and principal of The Beechwood Organization, told us, "Buyers who thought they missed their chance to own a new Beechwood home at Bishops Pond haven't quite lot their opportunity yet. We were able to add an additional ten of our most sought after townhouse models to the community and expect to start selling them early this year with occupancy for this summer 2015.

"The ten new homes, the 'Enclave at Bishops Pond,' are located in a private area of the community nestled next to a heavily tree-lined hill. The Enclave homes have the most privacy and some of the most spacious front and backyards in all of Bishops Pond."

We asked Dubb if, looking back, he would have done anything differently when planning Bishops Pond. He quipped, "I would've raised prices."
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