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Renovated Sag Harbor Farmhouse Hit by the Pricechopper

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When this house hit the market back in May, we fell for its quirky charm. The house was renovated two years ago, with a modern part added on the back. Commenters were scathing, though: "Dreadful on the outside. Looks like a crackhouse in Flanders." "creepy ... makes me feel that bodies are buried under that weird 2 story lawn and under those grave like slabs of bluestone…but I can use a brand new weird looking box apartment complex on the back of my dump also!" "One person's funk is another person's horror show. I especially liked the power lines in the exterior photo and the lopsided overhang on the front porch. Where is Auntie Em and the storm cellar? And the asking price is insane." Well, the asking price has been chopped $200K, down to $1.99M. Is that good enough? Guess we'll see!

There's also an accessory building in the yard which the owners use as an office. Total size of the plot is 0.7 acre, which is decent considering its central location. Inside, there's three bedrooms, three baths, and 2500sf of space.
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