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What Real Estate Terms Does Each State Google the Most?

Our friends over at the Estately blog have done it again with a fun map: they were curious about how people in different states searched for various real estate terms. They used Google Trends data from the past decade to find out what each state searched for online more than others. In New York, the terms were "real estate developers / longhouse / apartment / apartment for sale / basement apartment / brownstones / studio apartment / commune / Frank Gehry (architect) / [W00T! –Ed.] / apartments for rent / "Million Dollar Listing" (TV show) / Donald Trump hair." Oregon's was "yurts for sale;" while Florida's included "mobile home park / houseboat for sale / condominium / Section 8 Housing / gated communities / adjustable-rate mortgages / eviction foreclosure / reverse mortgage / homeowner's insurance / mortgage fraud." Stay classy, Florida! See all of the terms at the link below.
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