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Mapping the Most Expensive Houses For Sale in America

A lot has changed since the definitive list of unreasonably expensive residences was last updated. Old standbys like NYC's $114M Viola Mansion have de-listed. (These properties, like Martin Zweig's penthouse at the Pierre, haven't sold, mind you, they're just, you know, taking a breather.) There's nary a listing to be found for Aspen's $90M Aspen estate or Hillsborough, California's long-awaited DeGuigne estate, either. In the meantime, we've welcomed a $195M estate owned by subprime mortgage hero (and the guy who told us all that Americans should "live with less") Jeff Greene and an adorably optimistic $140M Hamptons property. Still, some of the major players have stuck around—looking good, $139M Floridian "Beaux Arts" mess.

Intrigued? Curbed National has the full list, right this way. >>