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Rich Folks Love Fully Furnished Turnkey Properties

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Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. And increasingly, they buy their properties fully furnished, right down to the stemware and fur throws, a convenience that will add from $250K to several million dollars to the price. Then they have their own interior decorators "selectively replace some or most of the furniture" they just bought.
The New York Times this weekend discussed the 10,500sf, seven-bedroom house pictured here, which is in Water Mill. It was built and decorated by James Michael Howard, with an asking price of $11.950M; agent Gary DePersia sold it for $12M. The Times quoted Mr. DePersia as follows: "If buyers 'walk into a house and they love the way the house looks, they are going to buy the furnishings because it makes it easier.'"

What's next for Mr. Howard? He'll finish decorating another new seven-bedroom spec house in Water Mill, which will feature "antiques he bought in France and Britain, 'cool accessories' and what he described as about $1.5 million worth of custom rugs from Nepal, Turkey and China." Listing price is $24.95M. You're welcome, rich people.
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