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'Too Cool' East Hampton House Finds a Buyer Fast

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This orange-and-black house hit the market around Halloween. Despite (or maybe because of) the wacky interiors (polychrome laminate on kitchen cabinets; walls that don't meet the ceiling), we really liked the place. OK, we also really want that vintage Airstream trailer, used as a poolhouse. The property is already in contract, so the question is, did someone fall in love with the house, or is it going to meet a wrecking ball?

Commenters argued about the fate of the property, the price, and, well, everything really. "I think it is a lot of fun, but at half the price. Unfortunately, the wrecking ball is in its future. The land is too valuable for anyone to keep this house as is." "It is different, but it isn't awful. I love the Airstream." "That asking price is the funniest thing I've read in a long time." "It's a turf court. And the place is a dump."

The details: two acres in a prime location. Compact at 2500sf, with three bedrooms and two baths. Pool and tennis court. Asking price $5.595M.
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