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Big Reveal: How Much for a Large House in the Northwest?

Address: 24 North Bay Lane, East Hampton
Price: $3,995,000
The most popular guess this week was $4,495,000, so the real asking price is clearly a bargain. Most commenters hated the place: "What a god-awful house. Whatever they're asking, it's too much." "The interior is even worse than the exterior, and that's quite a feat. Some of the worst decor you've shown us in a while." "Terrible interiors, did they shop at TJ Maxx?" "The person that photographed this house should be shot and killed." But some defended it: "Nothing wrong with that entryway. With a little imagination, which apparently most of you muptards seem to lack, it may be a damn good house." "Original - for better or worse - tops boring and humdrum which i am sure you are a master of."

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