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Hate to Cook? There's a Galley Kitchen in This $16.5M House

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The design of this 3000sf oceanfront house leads to many "What were they thinking?" moments, but none more so than the tiny kitchen. Even what's presumably the master bedroom is none too spacious, though considering the wretched décor, that may well be a good thing. Unfortunately, there aren't too many pictures of the house in the listing, because we'd love to see them. Does the master bathroom feature animal-print towels? The world may never know.

Of course the location is fantastic, there are 2.2 acres of land, there's a tennis court (though we'd rather have a pool), and very pretty seaside gardens. The property has been on the market for about five months three years now: we're a little surprised, as even as a teardown this place compares favorably with its neighbors for sale, which are $23M and $26M.

· Wainscott Oceanfront [Saunders]