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Snap Up a Well Done North Haven Flip Asking $1.995M

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The brokerbabble for this really lovely flip begins, "Just finished ground up renovation of Captains Manse." And by "captains manse" we mean "1950s cape," and by "Just finished ground up renovation" we mean "we shoved assloads of stacked stone everywhere!" All kidding aside, we're pretty impressed with how stylish the house looks now. It's been turned from a dowdy three-bed, two-bath to a handsome five bedroom, 4.5 bath house, with 3500sf. The natural materials and copious use of glass keeps the look cohesive, yet modern and airy. We particularly like the interesting lighting. The plot is 0.65 acres, and the original studio has been kept to adjoin the new pool, which is fenced with glass and stacked stone. The place previously sold for $945K; given the quality of the improvements, we don't think $1.995M is ridiculous.
· New construction in North Haven [Saunders]