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How about an Investment Property in Hot Sag Harbor?

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Ever daydreamed about being a landlord? Now's your chance. We don't see Sag Harbor real estate taking a dip any time soon, which is why this property, an historic building in the village, is so intriguing. For $2.9M, you get the nicely renovated 4500sf building, which includes 866 feet of retail space (Canio's Books) and three apartments. There's 0.35 acres of land, which includes seven off-street parking spots, a very private pool out back and a 1000sf pool house. The apartments rent for $1550 per month, $2800 per month, and $3200 per month; that's without access to the pool; if the new owner gave them access the rentals could be raised.
· 290 Main Street [Elliman]