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A Postmodern in the Southampton Estate Section Asks $14.75M

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This postmodern was built in 1994, according to Zillow. It's a spacious 7000sf with seven bedrooms and 7.5 baths. We think the house would show a lot better with more modern decoration—formal, traditional furnishings, gilt mirrors and swagged draperies, clash in a postmodern house. The Saarinen table and chairs in the kitchen is a better look. There are 1.8 acres of land, with nice verandas, a pool, and creek access, along with second-story waterviews. Price seems a little high, given that this style of house isn't what most people are looking for right now. An adjacent property, 405 Captains Neck Lane, is for sale for $11.5M; the house is more modest (and also kind of dated) but the plot is just shy two acres as well.
· Southampton Village with Waterviews [Corcoran]