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Second Annual Montauk Seafood Festival This Weekend

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Last year's Montauk Seafood Festival was such a success—with great food, drinks, and entertainment--it's back again this weekend. The festival will be held Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14, from noon to five PM. There will be two big tents, at Montauk Marine Basin and Uihlein's Marina, with free ferry service between the tents. Companies such as Bostwick's, The Harbor Raw Bar & Lounge, Gurney's Inn, Sweet'Tauk, Atlantic Terrace Cafe, Hampton Seafood Co., Sammy's, the Montauk Brewing Co., Pindar and Duck Walk vineyards will all offer local food and drink. And for anglers who want to improve their skills, a Fishing Legends Q&A with local experts will take place every hour, with a snapper derby for the kids.
Montauk Seafood Festival [Official site]