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Vintage Sag Harbor Beauty with Pool is Yours for $3.65M

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Of course we adore those old, charming Sag Harbor houses, but many of them have downsides: small and no room for a pool. That's not the case with this 1867 house. It's spacious at 3200sf (although we think some of that is a finished basement lower level) and the 0.22 acre plot boasts pretty gardens and a pool, along with attractive built-in seating. Inside, everything is stylish and up to date, with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths, and there are original wide-plank floors and millwork to add appeal. And the location means you can walk to town or launch a paddle board from Sag Harbor Cove. We bet this will be snapped up quickly.
· Sag Harbor Village, John Street Beauty [Sotheby's]