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Great Plains Road Gets a Great Big Pricechop

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Back when we first posted about this property, a little over two years ago, the asking price for the new-build was $18M. Now it's just been pricechopped another $1.45M, down to $15.5M. We assume it's just been price keeping this house from finding a buyer, because it's rather lovely. It's also huge: 12,000sf, nine bedrooms, 12.5 bathrooms. One drawback which we can't figure out is the tininess of the kitchen in relation to the rest of the house; although there are separate prep and service kitchens in the lower level, we still think the main eat-in kitchen should be larger than it is. Other than that flaw, the house is in an elegant traditional style with beautiful bathrooms and a nice paneled office/den. The pool is stunning, as is the terrace and pool house, and there is a separate staff apartment above the garage. The grounds are 1.8 acres, which isn't huge for this size of house but surely adequate, and the property is in a sought-after location in Southampton. Will the latest pricechop attract a buyer?
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